Warthog Productions emerged 25 years ago with a humble mission: to teach kids about politics and governance in a funny, down-to-earth way.

Our spokesmen in that effort were Demoquack, Repiglican, and Indepenguin. Sure, they were stuffed animals, but they were far from stuffy. So they were more approachable than your average elected official.

Over the years, our attention grew to encompass adults, too, and our interests diversified. In 2000, we published Book of Blessings, a pocket-size compilation of obscure-but-profound graces from around the world. At last count, more than 55,000 copies of it had been sold. With the world in need of positive affirmation now more than ever, we released the second installment in the series in the hope that the books will become a go-to at dinnertime and bedtime everywhere.

With our latest endeavor, Laurada Byers’s graphic memoir, Wild Wisdom—A Warthog’s Tale, we’re continuing to unspool the humor and hope threads, this time by uncovering the undeniable truth (sometimes funny, sometimes not, but always enlightening) amid some of life’s harshest moments. Inspiring feels a little heavy-handed, so how about validating?

To recap, we’ve evolved from stuffed political party mascots to an illustrated warthog. But, hey, there’s a lot to be learned from the scrappy warthog, who climbs out of its hole to face life head on with its tail up.

Oh, and we also donate a portion of our profits to the students of the Russell Byers Charter School in Philadelphia because, you know, they’re our future.

Watch a video about the Russell Byers Charter School on Vimeo.