Meet the Illustrator

Meet Natalie Hays Stewart

Natalie Hays Stewart

Natalie Hays Stewart (@artn_at) created the illustrations for Wild Wisdom from her terra cotta sunroom filled with green ferns, orchids and elephant ears.

She is a world traveler with a portfolio of artwork, photography, and film that spans from music videos in Seychelles to documentaries in Bhutan. She has received several awards, including “Best Directing,” “Best Editing” and “Best Writing” by the 48 Hour Film Festival and most recently exhibited her paintings at Pittsburgh’s Kaffeehaus.

Natalie is also a certified birth doula and childbirth educator, balancing her time in the studio with supporting women during labor and breastfeeding. “As an artist and a doula, I feel blessed to intimately witness so many stories—they begin from the day we’re born and they all deserve to be told.”